We can help you launch your professional career in the 21st century dynamic professional services market with a direct entry UK LLM/MA law degree.

JD & LLB Students looking for career practice niches and undergraduates looking for graduate degrees can take a one year degree that will open the door  to a professional career.

LLM/MA Law Degrees

  • LLM/MA Law Direct Entry One Year Full Time Graduate Studies
  • LLM/MA Law  Direct Entry On Line Personalized Time Line Graduate Studies
  • LLM/MA Law Customized Direct Entry Graduate Studies for “best fits” with your professional career aspirations
  • LLM/MA Law Direct Entry Two Year Part-Time Graduate Studies

Obtain your LLM in the UK with Advice and Assistance from Experts at LLM Professional Career Launcher

LLM Professional Career Launcher is a free advising service that guides you in identifying your preferred professional career path and the LLM route. Our experts have a wealth of knowledge from their years of teaching and international study experience. They know what it takes for applicants to be accepted to British law schools and have first-hand knowledge from completing both the LLM and PhD in law in the UK. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge with you and can help you with your application.

  • Link your existing knowledge base and personal passion with a LLM as a value added multi-disciplinary professional career credential
  • Advise you on how to obtain a career door opener professional credential by taking a one year innovative graduate Masters of Law (LLM) degree from a top tier UK law school
  • Experts on the ground both in Canada and the UK, advisors have years of expert knowledge with UK law schools and the application process
  • We help you with the entire application process, ensuring a strong application and matching your academic background, interests and goals with the best fit schools and LLM programmes
  • Personalized service and prompt responses
  • Completely stress-free and efficient process

Check out this video to hear from John Kelly, the president and founder of LLM Professional Career Launcher about studying your LLM in the UK: